General Meeting March 5, 2013


Call to Order: 7:00PM, Vic Strmic (standing-in for Josh Hart)

Location: Shaw Butte Elementary School, 12202 N 21st Ave
Attendance: 18 Adults; Officers present: Ed Dziuk, Patty Smith, Artie Hauer, Mary Hauer

Welcome Remarks: CMNBW newly elected Chairman, Ed Dziuk, welcomes all attending and remarks on the array of deserts, thanking all those who responded to the desert potluck. Ed introduced “Nextdoor” online for anyone interested in communicating with Cox Meadows neighbors securely and/or privately. (as of this writing, we have 31 members; 24 households out of a possible 281).

Ed announced the plan to hold an April clean-up featured on the flier. The date is marked for Saturday, April 20, 2013, 6:00AM. Tools have been acquired and are ready for use. A paint sprayer has also been purchased. We are in search for a feasible phone plan to acquire 2 phones for PNP.

Ed then turned the discussion to neighborhood crime stastics. Checking the newspaper’s weekly table of crimes corresponding to the zip codes in the city is a way to stay aware of our area.

Ed introduced Sue and Mike from Sweetwater, neighbors to Street Rep, Julie Lococo. Next to be introduced was Artie Hauer, our new Treasurer of CMNBW. Artie attended the Variance Meeting held just before our Block Watch meeting tonight. This Variance meeting was in regards to Home Depot needing a variance to park trucks near the street for up to 72 hours.

Ed wants to make sure the signature card is signed by the new president and treasurer soon at M&I Bank.

Patty Smith is our new Co-Chairman. Patty will be facilitating the April meeting for Ed. A PNP officer is possibly going to be our guest for the April meeting.

Street Representative Reports: Sweetwater – Street light has been fixed; Wethersfield – New camera tower at Cactus and Freeway has ADOT cameras for Public Safety. Patty reports there are two empty homes at end of 25th Ave & Wethersfield. Dahlia – New neighbors in southside, west of 25th, second house. Flood house on cul-de-sac is empty and ready for auction; Aster – New neighbors and the alley light is fixed; Corrine – Water leak is fixed; Larkspur – Quiet and okay except for neighbor’s junk pile at one house; Columbine – Carrie had knee surgery…is recuperating; Charter Oak – Linda reported for Tom that all is well; 25th Avenue – Edwin reported weeds were abounding and we need to control them now. Streets not represented were Windrose, 26th Drive, Bloomfield and Columbine.

New Business: Edwin and Ed will consider tending to the palm tree on 26th St. and Corrine.
There will be a “Writing Party” held at Barro’s Pizza on March 16th @ 3PM for anyone interested in writing articles and stories for an upcoming neighborhood newsletter.
Eleanor inquired whether there is any interest in a document shredding event. More info later.

Reminder: General meetings – First Tuesday of the month at Shaw Butte Elementary School (except summer). Next meeting is April 2, 2013 at 7PM.

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