General Meeting April 2, 2013


Call to Order: 7:07PM, Artie Hauer (standing-in for Josh Hart)

Location: Shaw Butte Elementary School, 12202 N 21st Ave

Attendance: 18 Adults; Officers present: Ed Dziuk, Patty Smith, Artie Hauer, Mary Hauer



Welcome Remarks: Co-Chair, Patty Smith, introduced our guest speaker, Brandon Epperson. Brandon is associated with the Phoenix Police in our own Cactus Park Precinct. He is presently our Community Programs Coordinator and directs the “Policing with a Purpose” program. Officer Epperson explained the foundation of a Phoenix Neighborhood Patrol (PNP) and shared with us, “the anatomy of an effective PNP call”, as our chairman, Ed Dziuk, wrote in his article on nextdoor.com ( https://coxmeadows.nextdoor.com/news_feed/?post=1150158 ). He had us view a video re-enacting a situation in a neighborhood cul-de-sac. Showing the benefits of good observers in a neighborhood, we can become partners with the police. He informed us that to be trained for your neighborhood PNP, you need to attend the 4 hour calss put on every other month. There are road shows, also. The next one in our area is in August at Cactus Park. Any questions? You can reach Officer Epperson at his email address, brandon.epperson@phoenix.gov / http://phoenix.gov/police/ppd_pnp.html , or, call 602 495‐5009.

Street Representative Reports:  Sweetwater – Several from Sweetwater were in attendance and informed us there was a meth bust in March. No other street had anything to report except Columbine…the city bought another home there.

New Business: The Clean Up day is all set for April 20th.

Reminder: General meetings – First Tuesday of the month at Shaw Butte Elementary School (except summer). Next meeting is May 7th, 2013.

Officers: Ed Dziuk : (602) 331-8721; Patty Smith: (602) 499-3481; Artie Hauer: (602) 620-1308; Mary Hauer: (602) 620-5986;


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