Cox Meadows Neighborhood Block Watch

Effective: April 1, 2004

Mission Statement

The Cox Meadows Neighborhood Block Watch, a non-profit organization, shall serve to enhance the safety and livability of the neighborhood through infrastructure improvement, and the promotion of civic pride.

Article I – Name

The name of the Corporation shall be The Cox Meadows Neighborhood Block Watch, Inc.. The organization is referenced throughout the bylaws as CMNBW.

Article II – Purpose

Section 1
To promote the betterment and beautification of the area contained within the boundaries of the CMNBW as shown on the enclosed map and on file with the City of Phoenix Development Services.
Section 2
To promote communication between the CMNBW and other community associations within the City of Phoenix.
Section 3
To promote communication between the CMNBW, other agencies and people; both public and private, for the betterment of our community.
Section 4
To promote community spirit, pride and communication among the residents of the CMNBW.
Section 5
To promote the safety and well-being of all residents in the community.
Section 6
The CMNBW shall be non-commercial, non-sectarian and non-partisan. The authority and jurisdiction of the organization shall be derived from the resident membership.
Section 7
This organization shall have no capital stock. No dividends shall be paid and no part of the income of this organization shall be distributed to its residents, directors or officers. The executive board shall have the authorization to pay reasonable compensation for authorized expenses.

Article III – Organization

The CMNBW shall include Officers, Standing Committees, and Residents, whose definitions, rights, responsibilities, and relationships are defined in these Bylaws.
Section 1
To be a member, a person must own or reside in a household within the boundaries of the CMNBW.
Section 2
If benefits should arise from membership, they will be granted per member and allocated on the basis of majority vote of the members. Except that assets of the Organization shall in no circumstance be distributed to members, except as remuneration for services provided upon the authorization and approval of the Board of Directors, Assets that cannot be used in furtherance of the Organizations’ purpose shall be distributed to an authorized charity.

Article IV – Officers

Section 1
The Officers of the CMNBW shall be Chair, Co-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Sergeant at Arms. The directors of the Organization shall be the Organizations’ Officers and shall serve without compensation.
Section 2
The Chair will:

  1. Chair all Officers and membership meetings.
  2. Appoint Standing Committee Leaders.
  3. Represent the CMNBW or appoint a representative as a spokesperson for the Association.
  4. Be an ex-officio member of all Standing Committees.
  5. Oversee all the affairs of the CMNBW.
  6. Present a written annual report.
  7. Approve all communication that goes out in the name of the CMNBW.
  8. Receive and retain funds pending their deposit in the organization’s bank account.

Section 3
The Co-Chair will:

  1. Act in the absence of the Chair.
  2. Act as Leader of Street Representatives.
  3. Chair meetings of the Executive Committee.
  4. Act upon any request of the Chair as needed.
  5. When acting in the capacity of Chair, the Co-Chair shall have all of the powers of the Chair and be subject to all restrictions upon the Chair.

Section 4
The Secretary will:

  1. Record minutes at the membership meetings.
  2. Execute written correspondence as needed.
  3. Provide custodianship of all official CMNBW records.
  4. Maintain all written correspondence generated or received by the CMNBW.
  5. Read Meeting Minutes at CMNBW meetings.

Section 5
The Treasurer will:

  1. Maintain accurate financial records of the CMNBW.
  2. Present an oral financial report at each membership meeting.
  3. Present a written report including an income/expense summary at the January meeting.
  4. Have the financial records available for audit by an appointee of the Officers, elected by a majority vote. (This audit will take place in January with both the past and present treasurers in attendance).
  5. Appoint two individuals (subject to the approval of the executive board) to obtain funds from the President and jointly prepare bank deposits, and draft disbursements for the treasurer’s signature.
  6. Ensure that all disbursements, greater than $100, are additionally endorsed by the President.

Section 6
The Sergeant at Arms will:

  1. Call meetings to order
  2. Maintain order and adherence to the bylaws throughout CMNBW meetings.
  3. Act as peacekeeper.

Section 7
Officer’s terms of office shall vary as follows:

  1. The Chair shall be elected to a term of 16 months
  2. The Co-Chair shall be elected to a term of 14 months.
  3. The Secretary and Treasurer shall each be elected to terms of 12 months.
  4. The Sergeant at Arms shall be elected to a term of eight months.

Section 8
Nominees for Officers will be presented at General membership meetings, one month prior to each election. All residents attending the meeting shall have an opportunity to make nominations from the floor.
Section 9
Elections shall take place at the regular membership meetings two months prior to the expiration of each term of office.
Section 10
Order of Chair succession will be Co-Chair, Secretary, then Treasurer.
Section 11
Upon resignation or other termination of service of an Officer, the remaining Officers and Executive Committee may appoint a replacement Officer for the remainder of the term. A majority vote of the remaining Officers and Executive Committee is required.
Section 12
Impeachment of an Officer occurs with a two-thirds vote of the remaining Officers and the Executive Committee.

Article V – Standing Committees

Section 1
Standing Committee described herein shall be activated by a majority vote of the membership. The Leader and members of each committee shall be selected and appointed by the Chair from the association’s membership. All volunteers will be considered.
Section 2
The Executive Committee will consist of the Leaders of all Standing Committees.
Section 3
Standing Committees shall be:

  1. Street Representatives
  2. Security – e.g.crime prevention, neighborhood patrol, graffiti, lighting
  3. Friendship – e.g. marketing, welcome wagon, social events
  4. Communications – e.g. newsletter, web page, flyers
  5. Finance – e.g. budgeting, writing proposals, project management
  6. Fund Raising

Article VI – Meetings, voting and Quorums

Section 1
Each member shall have one vote.
Section 2
General meetings shall be held at the discretion of the Officers, preferably monthly, but at least quarterly.
Section 3
Officer’s meetings shall be called at the discretion of the Chair, for special purpose or to discuss the agenda for upcoming membership meetings.
Section 4
A quorum at membership meetings shall be defined as all members present at a formally convened meeting with two elected officers in attendance.
Section 5
A quorum at Officer’s meetings shall consist of three of five Officers.

Article VII – Administration

The official business of the CMNBW shall be conducted by the Officers and Executive Committee. This business will be presented and/or discussed with the membership. The final action on any particular issue will rest with the members. The officers may act on the behalf of the membership between meetings when necessary, but will inform the membership at the next meeting for the purpose of ratification of actions.
Section 1
Sub-committees and task forces will be appointed as needed for any purpose not stated above.

Article VIII – Fiscal Year

The fiscal year will run from January 1 to December 31.

Article IX – Rules of Order

The most recent edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised, shall govern all meetings.


Order of a Business Meeting:

  1. Call the meeting to order
  2. Reading & approval of minutes
  3. Reports of officers/committees
  4. Unfinished business
  5. New business
  6. Guest speakers
  7. Adjourn meeting


  • A member presents a motion.

Discuss motion:

  • Member must obtain the floor
  • A member can speak twice on a motion, but the second turn can only be taken after everyone who wishes to speak the first time has spoken.
  • Each member can speak for five minutes each turn.
  • Debate must be related to the motion.
  • Vote on motion, a quorum must exist, majority rules.

Article X – Amendments

Section 1
Amendments may be submitted to or by the Officers.
Section 2
By-laws may be revised or amended, after presentation and discussion with the membership by a majority vote of those present (a quorum must exist).