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January 7, 2014

Call to order: 7:00PM, Chairman, Ed Dziuk, called the meeting to order.

Location: Shaw Butte Elementary School, 12202 N 21st Ave

Attendance: 19 adults including officers, Ed Dziuk – Chairman, Patty Smith – CoChair, Artie Hauer – Treasurer, Mary Hauer – Secretary, Sergent-at-arms, Mike Pepera

Mary Hauer, Secretary, hosted the meeting. She displayed her photo album of Cox Meadows Block Watch history. In response to activity associated with drug houses on Dahlia Drive, the Block Watch held its organization meeting in October 2002, and Officers volunteered for the Chair position, Frank Martinez, Co-Chair, Jim Chavez, Secretary, Jeanie Cosme. At the November meeting, Ed Dziuk volunteered for the Treasurer role. In the next few months, the Block Watch was incorporated, published its Bylaws, and submitted an IRS Application for Public Charity Status.

Over the next few years, the Block Watch was highly active in the community, raising funds to support the senior class project for the Thunderbird High Marquee, raising funds to send the Thunderbird High Jazz Band to New York, frequent calls to the Cactus Park precinct in response to drug and other unwanted activity, blood drives, collaboration with the Desert Horizons precinct on City of Phoenix Block Watch Grants, safety fairs, Halloween, Christmas and other community events. Newsletters were published, and to date, over $60,000 has been brought into the community through grant funding for cleanups, equipment and Block Watch operations.

Officer nominations and elections were held. Incumbents, Ed Dziuk, Patty Smith, Mary Hauer and Artie Hauer, retained their positions and Mike Pepera was nominated and elected to the Sergeant at Arms position.

We encourage everyone to utilize the tools and resources we have as an organization. Neighbors can sign out rakes, weed eaters, lawn mower, leaf blowers, shovels, gloves, safety glasses, paint sprayer, on loan to beautify our neighborhood.

The General Fund balance is $418.43. Satisfy your sweet tooth and help the Block Watch raise funds by purchasing from our supply of See’s dark chocolate and chocolate with almonds bars – $3 or 2 for $5.

Street Representative Report: Dahlia – The Flood home is being rehabilitated for rental and a concrete block fence has been installed. A second home is available for rent. Sweetwater – Quiet 2 homes are available for sale, and the home on the South West corner at 25th Ave is being rehabilitated a neighbor’s electrical supply is being used for this project. Aster – a home sold for $162,500, and 2 small boys that have been harassing Andrew were also lighting firebombs and throwing them into a neighbor’s yard. The police paid a visit to the mother. 25th Avenue – Edwin is too busy to act as Street Representative so a volunteer is needed for the Street. Windrose – a home was cited by the City for disrepair and is being painted. Corrine – a bicycle was stolen from a neighbor’s yard. Patty Smith announced that she has an engraving kit that neighbors can borrow to mark their possessions. This helps identify the property and makes it easier for the police to make charges. A stolen bike from Wethersfield was sold on Craig’s list, the police responded and the bike had already been sold. Arrests were made. Charter Oak – This street was notably festive during the past holiday season thanks in large part to Linda and Paul Townsend. Columbine – The sewage pipes leading from each home to the City hookup are failing and can cost a much as $6,000 to replace. Wethersfield – There is lots of traffic in the alley with people riffling through trash containers.

Reminder: General meetings – First Tuesday of the month at Shaw Butte Elementary School (except summer). Next meeting is May 6th, at 7PM.

Officers: Ed Dziuk: (602) 331-8721; Patty Smith: (602) 499-3481; Artie Hauer: (602) 620-1308; Mary Hauer: (602) 620-5986; Mike Pepera (602) 670-3570

This flyer and the sound system used for our meeting were funded by the City of Phoenix Neighborhood Block Watch Grant Program

Printing cost of these flyers and audio equipment for meetings paid for with City Of Phoenix Neighborhood Block Watch Grant funds.

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