General Meeting November 4, 2012


Call to Order: 7 P.M., Vic Strmic
Location: Shaw Butte Elementary School
Attendance: 21 Adults some minors; Officers: Frank Martinez, Brenna Hart, Ed Dziuk, Vic Strmic

Welcome Remarks: Frank discussed the importance of Street Representatives, why we fight blight, and the importance of the PNP program. He talked about the opportunities available through service as an Officer of the Block Watch. Officers have an opportunity to work with the movers and shakers in the city and get to know City leaders who manage many of the departments that work with community members. Officers are the first to know about happenings in the neighborhood, and can make a difference. Frank shared how a vigilant neighbor had resulted in the Phoenix Police apprehending a felon in a neighborhood home. They kicked in the front door in the process, and an innocent bystander who was in the home at the time of the event was badly shaken. Someone called around and located a contractor who was willing to assist with restoring the door and security, and the homeowner was called. This is how Cox Meadows makes a difference.

Frank reported how Ryan Mapus with the Disc Golf Association called to apologize for being unable to deliver a crew to assist with the City’s Graffiti Wipe-it-Out Event. He discussed how he has been able to meet and work with many of the people that make Phoenix a leading city in the world. Phoenix has been recognized at least twice in the last 10 years as a premier place to live. This was not Phoenix blowing its own horn, a city in Germany bestowed the designation on our town.

Treasurer’s Frank submitted Julie’s report $272, $25 was paid to Peri Miller for website design; Peri was also paid $700 disbursed from the 2012-13 grant fund as budgeted.

Secretary’s report: Ed reported that Cox Meadows can register on as a 501(c)(3) organization and apply for grants to fund neighborhood projects. For example, we could write a grant for funds to acquire an abandoned home in the neighborhood and convert it to a community center that can be used for meetings, to store the equipment and tools that are being purchased with this year’s grant.

Officer Nominees: Chair – Ed Dziuk; Co-Chair – Patty Smith; Secretary – Mary Hauer; Treasurer – Artie Hauer and Eleanor Dziuk; Sergeant-at-Arms – Vic Strmic, Josh Hart and Artie Hauer.

Meeting Minutes: approved as submitted.

Co-Chair – Brenna collected and compiled a list of nominations. She said that individuals who had been nominated would be contacted individually to verify their candidacy. Elections will be held December 4 from among the candidates that are confirmed.

discussed the Christmas event scheduled for December 8th between 5-7 pm. There will be planning meetings at Barrows on Tuesdays. Watch your email for dates. There are still many supplies and volunteers needed; everyone is encouraged to get involved. Brenna will distribute notes with items needed and participating in this event. Several local businesses have donated valuable gifts to the event and these items will be raffled to raise funds for the event and the general fund.

Street Representative Reports:

  • Sweetwater Vic and Jan reported that either a traffic counter or speed analysis equipment has been installed on the street.
  • DahliaMary met a new neighbors who might provide a petting zoo at the Christmas event, and appealed for a cleanup of the alley behind Sweetwater there.
  • 26th drive – No Report.
  • Aster – A home on 26th drive is up for sale, and a home being occupied by several students on 26th Drive across from Aster have too many cars. Arnie talked to them and the students are trying to avoid interfering with other’s use of the street.
  • Windrose – no report.
  • Corrine – A lady and her son purchased the second home from 25th Avenue on the south side of Corrine. Someone cleaned up behind the Thomas house, and a couple of teenagers that were using it as a hangout were asked to desist. There are only 2 homes on Corrine that are available for new owners.
  • Larkspur– Some residents are parking their cars on dirt yards.
  • Charter Oak – No vacancies, quiet.
  • 25th AvenueEdwin, 7-8 homes on 25th drive have overgrown weeds in their front yards. Edwin will inquire about assisting them with cleanup.
  • WethersfieldPatty – a lot of cleanup has been done along the street. One of the neighbors who is disabled requested assistance cleaning up his front yard.

Reminder: General meetings – First Tuesday of the month at Shaw Butte Elementary School (except summer)

Frank Martinez, Brenna Hart, Ed Dziuk, Julie Lococo, Victor Strmic

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