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General Meeting October 2, 2012

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Minutes of the General Meeting

October 2, 2012

Call to Order: 7 P.M., Vic Strmic
Location: Shaw Butte Elementary School
Attendance: 18 Adults some minors; Officers: Frank Martinez, Brenna Hart, Ed Dziuk, Vic Strmic

Welcome Remarks: Frank opened with a joke about politicians pulling our leg. He then turned to serious matters including the importance of Street Representatives, why we fight blight, and the importance of the PNP program.

Treasurer’s Frank submitted Julie’s report $297 left in the general fund, and one check was written for $28 for printing – may be reimbursed. Grant fund $7,845. We have disbursed $1,768 to APS for 12 months lighting

Secretary’s report: Alley dumping being taken of. He announced plans for a dinner to honor Frank and Dolores for their leadership and continued effort on behalf of the Block Watch.

Sgt-at-arms: Cyber security is becoming increasingly important, and cyber crime is affecting organizations that we think of as highly secure.

Meeting Minutes:
approved as submitted.

John Mason – Parks Dept gave a presentation about a planned Disc Golf Course in the Cave Creek Park, and how the City has developed standards to ensure the safety of passersby and property. There are many courses around the city that were built before there were standards. Standards include safety features of facilities and amenities. Disk Golf courses can benefit the community by keeping people in an area to dampen illegal activity, graffiti etc. . Timing -approximately 1 year.

Question: Tournaments? Ryan Mapus VP Arizona Disc Golf Association told us that Arizona has #2 ranked woman and#10 ranked male disc golfer. Timing -approximately 1 year.

Barbara Gonzales
with the City of Phoenix Neighborhood Services Department 602-261-8587 is the go to person for neighbors. Barbara inquired about our plans for a GAIN event. Brenna responded that we are planning a Christmas event. Barbara announced the Citywide 11-3-12 graffiti Wipe It Out event and asked for participation from neighbors. She provided a registration form and asked us to give her with a count of volunteers who will participate as well as the boundaries we choose to clean up. There will be a pep rally scheduled to kick off event at the 33rd Ave and Flower paint warehouse. Barbara requested us to identify a contact person and staging area before 10-20. Cox Meadows boundaries will be the Cave Creek park area. Mary asked how old participants must be. Barbara said it depends on the level of parental supervision. What to do about neighbors dumping dog poop into alley? There are inspectors assigned for each area. How can we solve this problem on a more proactive basis? Photograph license plates, install motion sensitive cameras.

A street representative requested Josh to assess the security measures of her home. Josh is available to provide this service for anyone who wishes to take advantage of this service.

Officer nominations
– Frank appealed to neighbors to accept nominations for Block Watch officer positions. There must be 5 officers to retain the charitable status with the IRS, and to keep the tools and equipment to be purchased with the current grant. All positions including Chair, Co-chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Sergeant-at-arms are open for nominations. New terms begin January 1, 2012.

discussed the Christmas event scheduled for December 8th between 5-7 pm. There will be planning meetings at Barrows on Tuesdays. Watch your email for dates. There are still many supplies and volunteers needed; everyone is encouraged to get involved. Brenna will distribute notes with items needed and participating in this event.

Street Representative Reports:

  • Sweetwater – Strmic green car gone, street light out west of 25th Ave. Dahlia – Mary met a new neighbor who has moved into a home that had had been abandoned.
  • 26th drive – Linda said their home outside Cox Meadows was broken into while they were away. Josh encouraged everyone to let neighbors who you trust know your plans so that they can be alert to suspicious behaviors.
  • Aster – home purchased to flip. Charlotte said she saw a pickup driving through neighborhood spraying. There have been no announcements so she wondered what the spraying was for.
  • Corrine – One new neighbor and potentially a 2nd new neighbor soon the home that Fred and Shamolee Thomas owned has been sold to a couple who plan to move into it. They are currently renting. Tom McIver is keeping his home and will rent it out, but he is moving to Tucson to work.
  • Larkspur – Some residents are parking their cars on dirt yards. Charter Oak – No vacancies, quiet.
  • 25th Avenue – no changes, truck broken into; otherwise all is quiet.

November 19th is bulk trash pickup again. Block (interior alley) cleanup planned for Nov 10/11 or Nov 17/18 prior to bulk trash pickup. Volunteers needed. Please contact Frank or Brenna to help decide which dates are best.

Reminder: General meetings – First Tuesday of the month at Shaw Butte Elementary School (except summer)

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