Block Watch Meeting/ Ice Cream Social


ice_creamSaturday, June 21, 2014

Call to order: 6:45ish pm, Saturday, June 21, 2014 – Our illustrious Chairman, Ed Dziuk, called the meeting to order.

Location: At the home of Bill and Cindy Laird – 2641 W. Columbine Dr.

Attendance: 28+/- adults plus officers: Ed Dziuk, as incoming Treasurer, Patty Smith, as Co-chairwoman, Mary Hauer, as out-going Secretary, Mike Pepera, as incoming Chairman, Cindy Laird, as incoming Secretary and Sue Clay, as incoming Sergeant at Arms.

This was an ice cream social event and an officers’ meeting to bring together the neighbors and elect new Cox Meadows officers for the coming term.

Officer nominations and elections were held. Mike Pepera was elected as Chairman, Patty Smith retained Co-chairwoman, Cindy Laird was elected Secretary, Ed Dziuk was elected as Treasurer and Sue Clay was elected as Sergeant at Arms.

No specific topics were discussed at this event as it was intended to be a fun, meet n’ greet with new neighbors evening. Due the awesome efforts of Charlotte Steel, her DQ store provided the fudgesicles. Mmm! Thank you SO much Charlotte! All neighbors were encouraged to sign the t-shirts for outgoing Mary and Artie Hauer, for their service above and beyond the call of Block Watch duty!   Some neighbors even brought their wading pools and the Lairds provided the green lawn, abundance of shade and cool water for the toes!

Officers can be reached at:

Ed Dziuk – 602-331-8721

Patty Smith – 602-499-3481

Mike Pepera- 602-670-3578

Cindy Laird – 602-943-1440

Sue Clay – 602-376-9286

Event concluded at 8:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted: Cindy Laird, Secretary

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